VideoTriptych, 36 sec., DV PAL, Stereo, 2007

The video triptych focuses on the historical background and the future of up to now abandoned places in Berlin's former working-class district Prenzlauer Berg where the gentrification process is almost accomplished.

"Ghost-like figures hang limp and tremble in the overgrown and graffitied lots of a now-gentrified, formerly working-class Berlin neighborhood. Teasing camerawork makes the strange figures ever-elusive as if to suggest the untenable nature of both histories lost and new influxes of culture."
Catalogue Text: MIX NYC

"In just a few seconds, the uncomplicated clips of ‘Haunt’ pose questions about development, hinting at personal sacrifices and public losses. The project succinctly connects the past – the destroyed buildings, the present – the empty vacuum, and the future - what will be built - in a flickering time lapse. What unknown history will be exhumed and discarded? What has already been discarded, covered, over-ruled in the rush to rebuild?" Janet Leyton-Grant

HAUNT NO. 1, Video Loop, 35 sec., DV PAL, Stereo, 2007
Assistance: Daniel Reuter
HAUNT NO. 3, Video Loop, 36 sec., DV PAL, Stereo, 2007
Assistance: Viktor Neumann
HAUNT NO. 2, Video Loop, 28 sec., DV PAL, Stereo, 2007
Assistance: Viktor Neumann