SAND #1: Schwarzwaldklinik Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach
Newspaper, 2021
ColdSet print, Halb-Rheinisches Format (250 X 350 mm), 40 pages, color, 52 g/qm, ISO 69, Edition:1000

"(...) Goldbach further presents the first edition of SAND, a self-published monothematic photo essay dedicated to the portrayal of single architectural structures. Reminiscent of free street newspapers, SAND deliberately opposes the glossy architecture photography known from real estate websites. The first edition of SAND is dedicated to the abandoned building of the Schwarzwaldklinik Bad Rippoldsau- Schapbach—a former rehabilitation centre from the 1970s that has become a (real estate) speculation object since its insolvency in 2011 and has been vacant since."
Text: Fanny Hauser, "BfF #1 - 1. Biennale für Freiburg ", 9/2021






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