Digital pigment prints on Baryt Paper, 42 x 34 cm, 2008

The C-Print triptych "High-Rise" is based on video material filmed for HOCHHAUS (2006), a collaboration between artist Niklas Goldbach and Theater & Radio Drama director Paul Plamper.

"In his video, sculpture and photographic works, Niklas Goldbach is focusing on the dystopic aspects of the postmodern urban experience. Highlighting the politically charged tensions between the public and private spheres, Goldbach’s locations range from disquieting rural landscapes to the sleek glass facades of contemporary architecture to the ruins of a bombed discotheque. With his triptych „High-Rise“ Goldbach creates a gigantic building alluding to J. G. Ballards novel of the same title with its study of a transforming society. With blurring borders of reality and fiction “High-Rise” focuses on the role of the individual in an ever increasing homogenized world and questions how the subjective experience is processed and characterized by feelings of disorientation, melancholy and rising a-sociality. This print-series is based on video material filmed for Goldbach’s work „HOCHHAUS“ (2006) and cites a building in the „Ernst-Thälmann-Park“, a socialist building park in former East Berlin."
DistURBANces, Exhibition Text